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Dream big and heavy

Zachary Coffin, b 1968

Zachary Coffin has been building large-scale kinetic and interactive sculpture for over 25 years. His work explores the boundary between art and viewer and the way humans can interact with a large mass in motion. His work draws from engineering and the history of industry for a visual language that is practical and dramatic yet unadorned. He has received multiple public and private commissions throughout the United States and Europe.


He has built 4 significant projects for Burning Man, 2 of which were exhibited twice at the event and all of which are either on exhibit or in process. One of the early crew members of the Heavy Equipment Division he has worked as a crane operator at the event for the past decade assisting hundreds of artist build their dreams at Burning Man.


He lives in the Bay Area with two kids and is working on multiple projects, large to mega-scale. All explorations of gravity, structure and the human condition.


His current resume is here.