Commissions and Installations
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Current:  Flock a complex wind powered work commissioned for a vineyard in Napa Valley.

2013:  Rockspinner installed in a pocket park “on the busiest corner in Atlanta”, 10th and Peachtree St., three year lease.

2013:  Encore showing of Universe Revolves Around YOU  at Burning Man 2013

2012:  Universe Revolves Around YOU  2011:   Colossus Bay Area Maker Faire.

2010:  Rainin Rock Rockspinner, Napa Valley, CA. 2009:  The Horn Section Commissioned by the Atlanta Bureau of Cultural Affairs for Cleopas R. Johnson Park, Atlanta, GA.

2007:   Rockspinner 7 Happyland Playscape, Wallis, Switzerland; Rockspinner 5 Technorama Science Museum, Winterthur, Switzerland

2006:  Roberts Rock Interactive rotating boulder commissioned for Ford Field Park, Northville,Michigan.

2005:  Colossus Kinetic, interactive work of stone and steel commissioned for Burning Man, Black Rock City, Nevada.

2004:  Hydrogen Kinetic, galvanized steel, stainless steel and granite, wind-powered. Commissioned for Lindbergh City Center, Atlanta, GA.

2003:  Temple of Gravity 160,000lb sculpture commissioned for Burning Man 2003 by Black Rock City LLC. Also financed with the help of private investors.

2001:  Rockspinner 22,000lb spinning boulder commissioned for Burning Man

2001; Stonejammer Wind powered stone, steel and stainless steel. Atlanta, Georgia. Installed in Freedom Park, Atlanta, GA.

1999:  Echo 9.5’ high, interactive granite and steel. Commissioned for The Southern Environmental Center, Birmingham Southern College, Birmingham, AL.

1998:  Spring Granite and steel fountain for The Altamont School, Birmingham, AL.

1997:  Antelumpen Birmingham Museum of Art. Birmingham, AL. 33 foot high kinetic and interactive sculpture. Permanent collection.


Installation of Colossus and Rockspinner 6 at Makers Faire 2011, San Mateo Fairgrounds, SF.

Private commission, Napa Valley, California.

Instructor: Sculpture, summer 2010, 2009, Sabancı University, Istanbul, Turkey.


2008:  Sculpture in Motion Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Atlanta, Georgia.

2005:  Art in Freedom Park Atlanta, GA. Exhibition of Stonejammer.

2002:  Cityview Sculpture Atlanta, GA. Collected works,

1998:  Stone, Steel and Motion Solo show of works granite and steel. Birmingham, AL. 1

997:  Industrial Jungle Solo exhibition of three large works in the Charles Ireland Sculpture Garden, Birmingham Museum of Art, AL.

1996:  Belltower, Finnibar and Allegro(w) The 1996 Olympic Games Cultural Olympiad. Atlanta, GA.

1995:  Belltower Year-long exhibition of interactive sound sculpture in Riverside Park (at 83rd St.) New York, NY.

1996:  Assagai Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, San Francisco.

1994:  Allegro(w) Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park, New York.

1993:  Fly 93NY50 Socrates Sculpture Park, New York.


1993:  BFA The Cooper Union, New York, NY.