The Universe Revolves Around You
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The Universe Revolves Around You

About This Project

This is a work about inertia. The idea is to create a plaything, an object that allows YOU to interact with rolling mass equivalent to a loaded railroad freight car. In this case, the load is big slabs of stone, spinning boulders and a lot of humans. Sort of a sculpture mash-up between a merry-go-round an a freight train.

It was built and shown at Burning Man 2012. We are now working on some mechanical improvements and looking for new venues.

–BUILD PROCESS– Here is a raw edit of the time-lapse we set up in the shop for the build.  Kind of fun, needs a lot of editing and combining with images in the desert. When we set it up, I tried to include the eventual pipes in the air in the frame. Later we realized that it was above the height of the bridge crane so we completed the connection in the desert. Hard to think that far ahead. Anyway, with a thumping beat from the BBoys, it can be fun to watch til we get something more polished: